Custom built Cherry sideboard Reclaimed Wood sideboard buffet handmade with Cherry, Curly Cherry and Reclaimed Cypress Wood Custom made Kitchen and dining room furniture

Reclaimed Wood furniture is an environmentally friendly choice for dining room decor
Our Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard is made with Reclaimed Old Growth Cypress, Cherry and Curly Cherry
Antique Wood sideboard: our Reclaimed Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard Our Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard is made with reclaimed old growth cypress from the old Rheingold Beer factory in Brooklyn, New York This sideboard has historical significance and classic good looks This small sideboard fits well in hard to furnish spaces Cherry is used for the frame of this lovely sideboard The old growth cypress has a tight grain and a lovely patina
Cherry wood was used as primary wood for furniture building in colonial America Cherry has a rich reddish brown color which darkens with age and exposure to sunlight Curly Cherry has unique figure in the wood which adds visual interest Our tight-grained reclaimed cypress was cut from an old growth forest in the late 1800's This beautiful sideboard will make a welcome addition to your home furniture
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Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard

Perfect for those hard to furnish rooms, our Reclaimed Vatwood Sideboard is 12" shorter in length than our other sideboards and easily fits in the tightest spaces. Fashioned with reclaimed old growth cypress from our Rheingold Vat Wood collection, this sideboard is both historically significant and elegant. Cherry is the primary wood, the tight-grained Cypress makes up the drawer fronts, door panels, and sides, and Curly Cherry is used for the top and door frames. The contrasting black walnut knobs and pegs add visual interest. Oil/varnish and wax finish.

Dimensions: 36” long by 20” deep by 32” tall

Price: $5200


Our Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard makes a wonderfully unique and environmentally friendly gift

This detail image of our Rheingold Vatwood Sideboard shows the tight-grained cypress used for the drawer fronts. The dovetailing adds strength, style, and ensures durability for generations of users.  The hand-turned walnut pulls are attached with a wedged through-tenon.

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Custom built Cherry sideboard: Reclaimed Wood sideboard buffet handmade with Cherry, Curly Cherry
and Reclaimed Cypress for kitchen and dining room furniture