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Tap Maple Furniture

Own a piece of furniture that proudly displays its Vermont heritage!

Obtained from Sugar Maple trees, Tap Maple wood has a spiked pattern which is the result of tapping the tree multiple times over the years for maple syrup sap. Although the wood heals to full strength after each tapping, the exposure of the interior wood to the air and elements produces a deep colored design in the wood. The patterns are unique, as no two trees are tapped exactly the same, and present a highly decorative figure in the wood.

Aside from being decorative, Tap Maple is strong, hard, heavy, and particularly resistant to shock and abrasion. It makes an ideal wood choice for furniture that needs to endure the wear and tear of an active lifestyle while maintaining its attractiveness.

As an innovator in Vermont custom furniture building, Clarner Woodworks is one the few furniture makers currently offering Tap Maple as a wood choice for handcrafted furniture.

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Tap Maple Furniture: Unique maple furniture handmade by Vermont custom furniture maker Clarner Woodworks