Rheingold Beer Vat Reclaimed Wood for environmentally friendly gifts and collectible home decor Solid Wood Furniture made with Reclaimed Wood makes a unique home furnishing item Rheingold Beer Vat Reclaimed Wood is a unique and collectible choice for home furniture

An Environmentally friendly gift idea: furniture made with Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood

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Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Clarner Woodworks has obtained a limited supply of Rheingold Vat Wood, a collection of reclaimed old growth cypress wood and redwood that was once fermentation vats at the Rheingold Brewery in Brooklyn, NY. This tight-grained wood dates to the late 1800's and is an extremely durable and attractive wood. It is also historically important and environmentally friendly. Considering these attributes and its limited supply, Rheingold Vat Wood makes a unique and highly desirable choice for furniture-making, environmentally friendly gifts and collectible home decor.

Featured in the Winter 2005 edition of BKLYN Magazine, this Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood was recognized for its historical significance:

"...Vermont furniture maker [Doug Clarner] managed to save the remains of the old Rheingold Brewery from obscurity. Built in the late 1800's, the once-famous suds factory stood at the corner of Forest and Bremen streets in Bushwick until it closed in 1976. Clarner's friend, fellow Vermonter George Hayes, was an entrepreneur who was drawn to a deal: All the gorgeous old-growth cypress and redwood from Rheingold's 168 gigantic beer vats was for sale. Hayes jumped at the opportunity. "And then the problems started," he says. "Nobody would buy it. Unfortunately, I think we were about 25 years ahead of our time when it came to recycled lumber." Hayes managed to sell some of the salvage. He used the rest to build three houses -- and a friend's pigpen. When Clarner heard that, he was speechless. Clarner reclaimed the barnyard structure, along with all the remaining wood, and is now fashioning it into custom-made sideboards and storage towers -- pieces that could easily be put back to the wood's original beer-holding purpose."

Rheingold Vat Wood is old-growth cypress and old-growth redwood -- perfect for an extremely durable and attractive piece of furntiure
The Rheingold Brewery had historic importance for Brooklyn, New York Own a piece of history with unique, one-of-a-kind Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood furniture Rheingolf Vat Wood Reclaimed Furniture is a perfect choice for an environmentally friendly gift The unique nature of this wood will make your furniture a collectible home decor item
An item of distinction and collectible home decor: our Redwood Hall Table made with Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood An enviromentally friendly furniture choice: our Cabot Tower made with Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood Absolutely exquisite: our 3-drawer Bowfront Hall Table made with Rheingold Vat Reclaimed Wood Reclaimed Wood furniture is environmentally friendly and perfect as a unique gift for the home

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Rheingold Beer Vat Reclaimed Wood Furniture for environmentally-friendly gifts and collectible home decor